Philadelphia 2012
FEBRUARY 1-3, 2012
Liam Goligher began serving as Senior Minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church in May of 2011. He previously pastored churches in Ireland, Canada, England, and Scotland. After college in Glasgow, he graduated with a degree in theology from the Irish Baptist Theological College in 1973. In 2004, he earned his DMin degree from the Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi. Liam has contributed to more than ten books and authored four: A Window on TomorrowThe Fellowship of the KingThe Jesus Gospel, and Joseph—The Hidden Hand of God. He has spoken at pastor training conferences in Ireland and Scotland, and his Sunday sermons are webcast on the Internet.

Liam Goligher

Tenth Presbyterian Church
1701 Delancey Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

(215) 735-7688

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David Helm serves as Lead Pastor of the Hyde Park congregation of Holy Trinity Church in Chicago. David held the post of Senior Pastor from its founding in 1998 until 2008, when Jon Dennis assumed the role. A graduate of Wheaton College and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, David is ordained in the PCA and serves on the council of The Gospel Coalition. He authored 1 & 2 Peter and Jude in Crossway’s Preaching the Word series, The Big Picture Story Bible and contributed to Preach the Word: Essays on Expository Preaching in Honor of Kent Hughes. Additionally, David serves as Chairman of the Charles Simeon Trust, a ministry devoted to equipping the next generation of Bible expositors.

David Helm

Sparky Pritchard is the retired senior pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia, where he has served since 1989. After earning his Master’s Degree in Bible, he did post-graduate work in New Testament. His 38 years of ministry include teaching at the university level and serving as an associate pastor in Denver, Colorado, for 13 years before moving to Richmond. Sparky and his wife, Kathy, have traveled extensively where he has conducted workshops and seminars for pastors and missionaries in Germany, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Albania, Paraguay, and far east Russia.  His association with the Workshops on Biblical Exposition began in 1995.

Sparky Pritchard


Instruction 1 The Need for Biblical Exposition Goligher mp3 mp3 52min 29mb
Instruction 2 Traveling Instructions Helm mp3 mp3 50min 29mb
Instruction 3 Historical Progressions and Fulfillment Helm mp3 mp3 58min 33mb
Instruction 4 Literary Comparison and Contrast Helm mp3 mp3 57min 32mb
Instruction 5 Melodic Line Pritchard mp3 mp3 51min 29mb
Instruction 6 Staying on the Line Helm mp3 mp3 52min 30mb
Exposition 1 1 Samuel 1 Goligher mp3 mp3 49min 28mb
Exposition 2 1 Samuel 6:1-7:1 Helm mp3 mp3 29min 17mb
Exposition 3 1 Samuel 21 Goligher mp3 mp3 38min 21mb