FEBRUARY 13-15, 2017
Joshua Raj is the Director of South Asia Mission, an evangelical church planting ministry mainly focused in India. In this role, he provides intercommunion oversight, as AOC Bishop of South Asia, to over 300 churches, 28 mission schools, two seminaries, and various social programs in India. He has practiced as an orthopaedic surgeon since 1982, and visits India, Gabon and Angola to perform surgery annually. He holds a master's degree from Seminari Theologi Malaysia and a doctorate in practical theology. He was ordained in 2002 and has been preaching since 1987. He is the author of A Biblical Approach to Indian Traditions and Beliefs.

Joshua Raj

Raigad Christian Association
Arvind Martin has been member of Bangalore Presbyterian Church, where he is involved in preaching and leading Bible studies, since 2009. He attended the Cornhill Training Course Glasgow. Before that, he studied at Andhra University and he has been working in computers most of his professional life. In addition to his duties at Bangalore Presbyterian Church, Arvind has taken on leadership for the India workshops strategies for the Charles Simeon Trust.

Arvind Martin