MARCH 1-3, 2016
Carlos Contreras is the Senior Pastor of Iglesia Cristiana Gracia Soberana in Juarez, Mexico, where he has been serving since 1998. Before that, he attended the Pastors College (Sovereign Grace Ministries) and also worked as a civil engineer, having earned a degree at the University of Texas in El Paso. He was ordained in 1995. Carlos is frequently a featured speaker at international conferences and is involved with Spanish-language initiatives of the Gospel Coalition and Together for the Gospel. Carlos Contreras

Iglesia Gracia Soberana
Calle San Antonio #101
Col. San Cayetano
CP. 20010
Aguascalientes, Mexico

Jeremy Meeks is the founding pastor of Hope Community Church in Nashville, Tennessee, where he has served since 2011. Before serving in Nashville he was a missionary in Nicaragua. He is also on staff at the Charles Simeon Trust as the Latin American workshops manager. Jeremy is a graduate of Liberty University (Religion) and is currently pursuing an MA in Bioethics from Trinity International University.

Jeremy Meeks

Abelardo Muñoz graduated from the Pastors College of Sovereign Grace Ministries in 1998, and that same year he joined the pastoral team of Iglesia Cristiana Gracia Soberana in Juarez, Mexico, where he continues  serving as an associate pastor. In addition to being part of the Sunday preaching team, he currently supervises and/or is actively involved in the counseling, discipleship/evangelism and education ministries of the church, and he teaches various courses and seminars, both locally and extra locally.

Abelardo Munoz


Instruction 1 Staying on the Line Muñoz mp3 mp3 33min 31mb
Instruction 2 Introduction to Psalms of Lament Meeks mp3 mp3 52min 32mb
Instruction 3 Structure Meeks mp3 mp3 45min 31mb
Instruction 4 Text and Framework Contreras mp3 mp3 66min 37mb
Instruction 5 Preaching Christ in the Psalms Meeks mp3 mp3 46min 42mb
Instruction 6 Melodic Line Contreras mp3 mp3 51min 36mb
Exposition 1 Psalm 13 Elias mp3 mp3 43min 34mb
Exposition 2 Psalm 39 Contreras mp3 mp3 64min 25mb
Exposition 3 Psalm 86 Muñoz mp3 mp3 38min 23mb