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Clergy, Christ Church (Vienna)

Robert serves on the clergy team at Christ Church in Vienna, Austria (Church of England, Diocese in Europe). He also serves as the Director of Ministries of the Charles Simeon Trust, where he has served since 2005. Robert earned a bachelor’s degree in Early Christian Literature at the University of Chicago, an MS in Communications (Journalism) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a PhD in New Testament at the University of Bristol in England. His dissertation was published by Mohr Siebeck in the WUNT II series as Hellenistic Dimensions of the Gospel of Matthew: Background and Rhetoric. He previously served as a pastoral intern at Holy Trinity Church for six years (2002-2008) and later as University Minister (2012-2014). He is a Fellow at the Center for Pastor Theologians and also serves on the Boards of the Charles Simeon Trust of Canada and Prédica Fiel in Cuba.


The small group interactions during Workshops and Online Courses are essential for participants to make progress in t...More
The small group interactions during Workshops and Online Courses are essential for participants to make progress in their Word work. These Small Groups are most effective when facilitated by competent Small Group Leaders. So, do you want to be better equipped to lead a small group? In this course you'll learn about what we do in small groups, why we do it, and how you can best serve your group as a leader.
Lesson 1

Small Group Goals

Robert S. KinneySmall Group Goals - We begin this training course by asking, "What are we trying to accomplish in a small group?" In this first session, Robert Kinney will help us think through the goals of a small group. 
Lesson 2

Small Group Pedagogy

Robert S. KinneySmall Group Pedagogy - Now that we know our goal, it is important to consider how to best accomplish that goal. In this session, Robert Kinney discusses how people learn and how that shapes our small group pedagogy.
Lesson 3

Small Group Worksheets

Robert S. KinneySmall Group Worksheets - Because the Small Group time focuses on a Worksheet presentation, we need to think about how we analyze a Worksheet. In this session, Robert highlights important areas to consider, and how to uncover areas of opportunity for the presenter.
Lesson 4

Small Group Facilitating

Robert S. KinneySmall Group Facilitating - This very practical lesson equips us to better facilitate a small group. Robert Kinney offers five tips on how lead the group in a way that will be both helpful and collegial.


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