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Are you a pastor who has benefitted from the Simeon Trust’s Workshops or Online Courses for years? Would you love to dedicate three weeks to study the Bible and sharpen your preaching skills, advancing on what you have already gained from your training with us? The Chicago Course Intensives are for you. Every July we gather 12 pastors to train in Chicago. The goal is simple, make progress in preaching by working with other experienced pastors under the guidance of competent instructors.


  • Each week we focus on a different biblical genre:
  • Each week includes instruction on genre principles, elements of persuasion, and the study of preachers from the past
  • Students complete 24 worksheets and preach 3 sermons to their fellow students.
  • The intensive tuition cost is $600.00 (room and board is to be arranged by the student)

Location: The Intensives are strategically located on the South Side of Chicago in the historic neighborhood of Hyde Park at 57th and Blackstone.

Requirements: Due to the intentionally limited number of spaces we have some applicants may not be selected. While many factors go in to determining who our 12 participants will be there are two minimum requirements –

  • Be a pastor in a local church who preaches at least ten times per year
  • Have attended at least four Workshops on Biblical Exposition or taken all six online Genre Courses

For more information on the intensives:

To apply for any intensive fill out the online application.