God has given the CST work to do. We are making the gospel known across the world through the proclamation of his Word. From just one Workshop gathering pastors, God has grown the ministry to reach thousands of pastors and teachers around the world. Their ministries reach hundreds of thousands.

It’s humbling to consider the breadth of lives changed—from pastors in Venezuela to prison inmates in Florida to otherwise unreached farmers in India.

But there is more to be done.

One World Brochure

One World Brochure

To get there, we embarked on our One World: The Word at Work Campaign to raise $6.5M. God is already providing—in the first 2 years, $5.9M has been secured in three-year commitments. With some of these funds, we already launched a new website with new resources and online courses in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. We will also grow the number of Workshops around the world by 31 percent, launch the Chicago Course on Preaching, and bring maturity to our financial model. All this will result in more people in more places hearing clear biblical, Christ-centered preaching.

If you’re interested in learning more about our work and getting involved, check out this brochure. Then, join us in this incredible work.