Notificación sobre la Propagación del Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19)

Dear Friends,

These next months will likely be challenging. As Christians it will continue to be our privilege to find ways to be equipped and equip others at a time when it is difficult to get together face to face. Seizing this tough season for gospel growth will be important.

During these next few weeks, when the world—and our churches—will spend an enormous amount of time streaming video online, the Charles Simeon Trust is committed to creating a way to help you better handle the Bible and lead through the Word in your respective roles in your church.

Through Easter Sunday (April 12), we are making our Online Courses available to churches in two new ways:

First, all Courses are being reduced from $19 to $9.

Second, we are packaging registrations for church groups.

Here is how the second way works. Let’s say your church is beginning a new series after Easter in the Gospel of John. You can purchase our Gospels & Acts Course now, with various bulk discounts, and distributable access codes, at greatly reduced prices (see below).

We hope this will allow many churches to make tangible commitments to training their congregants and community group leaders—any who are often are called upon to facilitate weekly Bible studies. This opportunity to train in a season where we will have more time, and we can’t easily get together, could be invaluable for your church.

Simply email us at with which Course you’d like to make available and we’ll get in touch about making payment and providing you registration codes you can distribute. If you are a leader considering these group options, we’ll even provide a template letter you can easily edit and send.

We’re here to help.

In Christ,
David R. Helm

25 $475 50% + 10% $200 $275
50 $950 50% + 10% $405 $545
75 $1,425 50% + 10% $600 $825
100 $1,900 50% + 15% $765 $1,135
200 $3,800 50% + 15% $1,530 $2,270
300 $5,700 50% + 20% $2,160 $3,540
400 $7,600 50% + 20% $2,880 $4,720
500 $9,500 50% + 25% $3,375 $6,125