Chicago Course on Preaching

We believe that the proclamation of God’s Word is the most important task of the Church. This means it matters very much how his people are trained to preach. Our aim is to develop men and women who are highly skilled in handling God’s Word and training others to do the same. Our desire is to see you shaped, in mind and soul, for God’s glory and the good of Christ’s body.

What is the Chicago Course on Preaching?

The Chicago Course on Preaching seeks to provide you with the best practical training in Bible handling available. We do this through hands-on, skilled-based instruction and practice. It is a residential program designed to deepen your abilities and convictions in expositional preaching and teaching.

Is the Chicago Course on Preaching for me?

We designed this program to serve:

  1. Those who are discerning whether expositional ministry is for them before entering into vocational ministry or doing formal theological training.
  2. Those who have finished formal theological training and desire further practice, training, and development in preaching before entering vocational ministry.
  3. Those presently in ministry who aspire to grow in their skills and understanding of expositional preaching and teaching.

How does the Course develop expositional preachers and teachers?

During your time at the Course you will spend an equal amount of time in instructions as in practice. While here you will be prepared in multiple disciplines necessary for faithful preaching and teaching. This preparation includes:

  1. Gaining tools to interpret passages across all biblical genres
  2. Examining the means of effective communication and persuasion
  3. Instilling ministry convictions necessary to engage in a lifetime of expositional preaching and teaching
  4. Considering how the disciplines of Biblical and Systematic theology are utilized in preaching and teaching
  5. Studying and analyzing preachers throughout the history of the Church
  6. Delivering dozens of sermons to fellow students and instructors with substantial feedback
    1. You can see what our preaching lab is like by watching students go Under Fire.

For a look at the day to day schedule, check out the Curriculum Calendar for 2023/24.

What are the different ways I can take the Course?

Students are able to choose from 3 tracks to complete the Course:

  1. One-Year Track: Students are full-time from September to June (Mon-Tues and Thurs-Fri)
  2. Two-Year Track: Students are part-time from September to June (Mon-Tues year one, Thurs-Fri year two)
  3. Modular Track: Students are full-time for 11 weeks a year over the course of three years

Our calendar follows the local academic year and we are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis. Students can begin at the start of any term.

What is the application process?

There are four steps in the application process:

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If you can’t participate in the year-round CCP, consider the Chicago Course Intensive.

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