Chicago Course on Preaching

Practical Training in Biblical Exposition

We believe that God’s Word is how he works in the world—especially through the faithful proclamation of his Word. This means it matters very much how his people are trained to preach his Word. It must be hands-on and skill-based. It must be focused on transforming the individual and not merely on the transmission of knowledge. It must work on the soul of the preacher, not just on the mind. And it must be for the glory of God’s name and the good of Christ’s body.

The Chicago Course on Preaching seeks to provide the best possible practical training in Bible handling to the next generation of preachers.

The Chicago Course is for men and women in ministry looking to deepen their skills and convictions in expositional preaching and teaching, as well as those who are considering whether ministry is for them. It can be taken over one year (full time, September to June), two years (part time), or three years (modular, 11 weeks per year). It follows the local academic year and we are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis. Students can begin at the start of any term.

If those options don’t work, and you are a pastor with years of experience with workshops or our online courses you may want to consider one of the Chicago Course Intensives.

The Course is committed to rigorous skill-based training in biblical exposition combined with mentored practice within the local church. This means that you will be actively engaged in a congregation where your classroom learning can be put into practice. More information on church placement is below. To learn more about our curriculum, take a look at these documents:

The Course is strategically located on the South Side of Chicago in the historic neighborhood of Hyde Park, with classroom and office space at 57th and Blackstone.

The Course is directed by Jeremy Meeks and K. Edward Copeland. Other instructors include David R. Helm, R. Kent Hughes, Michael Lawrence, Mike Bullmore, Romell Williams, Jr., Paul House, Scott Hafemann, H.B. Charles, Jr., Robert S. Kinney, Josh Moody, and many others. Learn more about our instructors.


  • Full-time students is $5,000/year.
  • Half-time students is $2,500/year.
  • Modular students is $1,750/term.

There are four simple steps to moving through our application process:

  1. Complete the Online Chicago Course Application.
  2. Submit two references: Guidelines for Letters of Reference [pdf, 138kb].
  3. Submit a sample sermon (audio or video) to the Director, Jeremy Meeks (
  4. Schedule an interview with members of our admission committee by contacting Jeremy.

Once enrolled as a student, we will need to sort out your church placement. If you are coming from a local church committed to your training, we will work with the pastor(s) of that church to design a set of mentorship and ministry exposure expectations. If you are coming from outside of Chicago, we will help you get connected with one of our Church Placement Partners.

If you represent a church interested in serving as one of our church placement sites, take a look at our Guidelines for Church Placement [pdf, 85kb].