The purpose of the Workshops is to increase each participant’s confidence and ability in rightly handling God’s Word. We want each person to leave convinced that God’s Word is powerful and eager to teach it to their people.

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March 19-20, 2021 Online Workshop: Teaching Wisdom Literature (Women) Online Women's Workshop Info
March 24-25, 2021 Online Workshop: Preaching 1 Samuel Online Workshop Info
April 22-24, 2021 Portland, OR 2021 (Women) Portland, Oregon Info
April 23-24, 2021 Online Workshop: Teaching Apocalyptic Literature (Women) Online Women's Workshop Info
April 28-29, 2021 Online Workshop: Preaching Isaiah Online Workshop Info
April 30 - May 02, 2021 Dubai, UAE 2021 (Women) Dubai, UAE Info
May 12-14, 2021 Seattle, WA 2021 Seattle, Washington Info
May 14-15, 2021 Online Workshop: Teaching Acts (Women) Online Women's Workshop Info
May 19-21, 2021 Providence, RI 2021 Providence, Rhode Island Info
May 19-20, 2021 Online Workshop: Preaching Hebrews Online Workshop Info
May 26-28, 2021 Cincinnati, OH 2021 Cincinnati, Ohio Info

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