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First Principles
The best place to start is here with our First Principles course. It focuses on  the most fundamental principles for...
  • Learn how to study and teach the Bible better
First Principles (Women)
The best place to start is here with our First Principles course. It focuses on  the most fundamental principles for...
  • Learn how to study and teach the Bible better
  • Taught by women, for women
Wisdom Literature
Wisdom literature uses word pictures to describe every day life. Part of the greatness of these books (most of which are...
  • Special instruction on handling Song of Solomon
  • Exposition by Kent Hughes
  • Bonus feature with David Jackman
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Playlist: Apocalyptic Literature

Apocalyptic literature is often viewed as hard for people. We don’t think they can get their minds around it and we convince ourselves that there are just too many strange things going on that don’t make sense. We need to dig deep and start to appreciate the imagery. Then we will find that this literature has an incredible capacity to bring hope in the triumph of Jesus Christ.
1A Primer for Apocalyptic LiteratureDavid R. Helm
2Preaching Apocalyptic: An Alien GenreD.A. Carson
3The Purpose of Symbolism in the Book of RevelationG.K. Beale
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The ministry of the Charles Simeon Trust not only helps beginning preachers to handle the Word of God faithfully and tellingly, but provides invaluable resources for more experienced preachers, too. Most preachers would benefit hugely from the Workshops organized by the Trust.”
D.A. Carson
(Retired) Research Professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
The Charles Simeon Trust, modelled on The Proclamation Trust in the UK, has been doing excellent work equipping Christians in understanding and teaching the Bible. I happily commend and promote their Workshops, and regularly have occasion to encourage people to attend them.”
Mark Dever
Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church
The Charles Simeon Trust women's Workshops provide a rare opportunity for women—stellar training on skills for getting to a right understanding of the text and teaching it to others. But the best and most unique thing about a Charles Simeon Trust women's Workshop is the opportunity to get critical feedback from other women whose only agenda is to help each other get better at handling the Bible.”
Nancy Guthrie
Author and Speaker
I love the work of the Charles Simeon Trust. Nothing is more vital than people hearing God’s Word rightly preached. And nothing is more vital for preachers than learning to rightly divide the Word. I praise God for raising up the Charles Simeon Trust to equip a generation in the most noble art and science of preaching and teaching.”
Thabiti Anyabwile
Senior Pastor, Anacostia River Church
The greatest need of the church is the faithful exposition of God's Word. The Charles Simeon Trust is engaged in the vital work of encouraging and training biblical expositors. By harnessing the vast ministry potential of the internet, the Online Courses offer excellent training to those who might not otherwise have access to this type of instruction.”
Philip G. Ryken
President, Wheaton College
What a joy to be able to say plainly and truly that the Charles Simeon Trust is committed to training in biblical exposition. I'm especially delighted to see more and more women preparing to teach the Bible to other women, through the Charles Simeon Trust's Workshops and Online Courses.”
Kathleen Nielson
Author and Speaker
The Charles Simeon Trust believes in the sufficiency of God's word for God's church. Because of that, they are committed to training men both to get the Word of God right, and to get the Word of God across. In my opinion, the Workshops provide the best, most practical, and most accessible training available. ”
Michael Lawrence
Senior Pastor, Hinson Baptist Church
The Charles Simeon Trust is deeply committed to the right things in preaching, and deeply committed to teaching those things in a hands-on and very helpful way. Whether you are a brand new or seasoned pastor your preaching will be significantly strengthened by these Workshops.”
Mike Bullmore
Senior Pastor, CrossWay Community Church