Preachers’ Talk: Episode 2 (Meeks, Copeland, Helm, Charles)2019 Annual ReportPreachers’ Talk: Episode 1 (Leeman, Helm, Copeland, Meeks)Connecting to the GospelMelodic LineText to TalkContext1 Peter 11 Peter 5Staying on the LineStructureStructureMelodic LinePathway for PreparationConnecting to the GospelAdornmentApplicationActs 28Acts 15Acts 3
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Preachers’ Talk

By preachers for preachers. A new podcast from the Charles Simeon Trust and 9Marks.
1Preachers’ Talk: Episode 2 (Meeks, Copeland, Helm, Charles)David R. Helm, H.B. Charles, Jr., Jeremy Meeks, K. Edward Copeland
2Preachers’ Talk: Episode 1 (Leeman, Helm, Copeland, Meeks)David R. Helm, Jeremy Meeks, Jonathan Leeman, K. Edward Copeland


Drawing on both Greco-Roman rhetorical theory and more modern homiletical considerations, these talks will equip participants to more persuasively present the message of a biblical text for the benefit of the hearers.