The Charles Simeon Trust

We exist to promote the growth of the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world by training up the next generation of Biblical expositors.

Our Conviction

It is our conviction that the health of the Church depends on the proclamation of God’s Word. It depends on the proclamation of preachers and teachers who believe the Bible to be the very Word of God, and the expositional ministry that flows from that proclamation.
Doctrinal Statement
Brief History



David R. Helm (Staff)

Chairman, Board of Directors

David serves as the lead pastor of the Hyde Park congregation of Holy Trinity Church in Chicago and as Chairman of the Board of the Charles Simeon Trust, an organization dedicated to the sound preaching of God’s Word. A graduate of Wheaton College, and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, David is ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and serves on the council of The Gospel Coalition. For Crossway, he authored 1 & 2 Peter and JudeThe Big Picture Story Bible, and contributed to Preach the Word: Essays on Expository Preaching in Honor of Kent Hughes. He also authored One-to-One Bible Reading for Matthias Media and the 9Marks volume Expositional Preaching. David is married to Lisa, and they have five children: Noah Helm (married to Julie), Joanna Panner (married to Ben), Baxter, Silas, and Mariah. They also have three grandchildren. David has served as Executive Director of the Charles Simeon Trust since its founding in 2001 and succeeded Kent Hughes as Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2008. He is responsible for all the work and initiatives of the Trust. He teaches in the training program, leads several Workshops per year, writes training materials, raises funds, and supervises the Director of Ministries.


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Robert S. Kinney (Staff)

Director of Ministries

Robert began working at the Charles Simeon Trust in 2005. A native of Illinois, Robert earned a bachelor’s degree in Early Christian Literature at the University of Chicago. His BA thesis was on idolatry in Paul’s epistle to the church in Rome. In 2008, Robert earned an MS in Communications (Journalism) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, focusing his final project on issues of race, education, and Christianity on the South Side of Chicago. In 2015, Robert finished a PhD in New Testament at the University of Bristol in England. His dissertation explored aspects of Greco-Roman rhetoric in the Gospel of Matthew and was published by Mohr Siebeck in the WUNT II series as Hellenistic Dimensions of the Gospel of Matthew: Background and Rhetoric. He also served formally as a pastoral intern at Holy Trinity Church for six years (2002-2008) and later as University Minister (2012-2014), and is ordained in the Province of the Anglican Church of Rwanda (PEAR). He is a Fellow at the Center for Pastor Theologians and also serves on the Boards of the Charles Simeon Trust of Canada and Prédica Fiel in Cuba. Robert is married to Angela, a PhD candidate in Classics and Medieval Studies at the University of Vienna in Austria. He and Angela reside in Vienna and Robert currently serves in ministry at Christ Church Vienna, part of the Church of England’s Diocese in Europe. At the Charles Simeon Trust, Robert is primarily responsible for overseeing the ministry, specifically focusing on four areas: 1) strategic thinking and planning for executing the vision of the Trust, 2) management of the staff, 3) the implementation of the Trust’s institutional partnership strategies, and 4) oversight of the quality control of the various initiatives of the Trust. He reports to the Executive Director and the Board of Directors and he supervises the other staff members.


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Romell Williams, Jr. (Staff)

Associate Director of Workshops

Romell’s primary calling is as the Pastor of Lilydale Progressive Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois. He was educated at the historical Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois, and is a graduate of Trinity International University. He is a speaker affiliated with Cutting It Straight, the Barnabas Brotherhood Conference, the Issachar Conference, the Bible Exposition Conference, and the Moody Bible Institute. In his role as Associate Director of Workshops, he is primarily responsible for planning and executing a portion of our Workshops portfolio, particularly focused on training instructors and managing targeted Workshop locations.


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Aubrey Lindbergh (Staff)

Workshop Administrator

Aubrey joined the Charles Simeon Trust in 2015. She is native of Michigan, but attended university in Illinois and earned a BA in Biblical and Theological Studies at Wheaton College. While at Wheaton, she was part of College Church in Wheaton. She later moved to Chicago, where she participated in the Chicago Plan at Holy Trinity Church and served as a vocational intern for the youth group in Hyde Park. Aubrey and her husband, Kent, currently live in Dearborn, Michigan and attend Christ Community Church. At the Trust, Aubrey is primarily responsible for coordinating the Workshops on Biblical Exposition and all other events. She coordinates the execution of these Workshops, working with the host churches, speakers, and participants. She also is responsible for supporting the work of the Trust in general and collaborates with the rest of the team on projects.


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Darrell Young (Staff)

Director of International Workshops

Darrell began as the Director of International Workshops at the Charles Simeon Trust in 2015. Before that, he served as the Lead Pastor at Strathmore Alliance Church near Calgary, Alberta, for 18 years. He studied at Simpson University and Simpson Graduate School of Theology in San Francisco and completed an MABTS at Ambrose Seminary in Calgary. Currently he is serving as the Interim Preaching Pastor at the Crossway Community Church in Canmore, Alberta. In his role as Director of International Workshops, he is primarily responsible for the design and implementation of the vision of the Trust’s international workshop portfolio and, with the assistance of regional managers, the execution of the international Workshops.


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Mervyn Eloff (Staff)

Associate Director of International Workshops

Mervyn is the Rector of St James Church, Kenilworth. Mervyn did his undergraduate studies at the Free State University and the Bible Institute of South Africa and before earning a DTh from the University of StellenboschHe was on staff at St Helen’s Bishopsgate in London for three years where he worked with Dick Lucas. Mervyn also served as Rector of St Paul’s Church in Stellenbosch and then as a lecturer and as Vice Principal of George Whitefield Theological College in Cape Town. He has contributed to Built upon the Rock: Studies in Matthew’s Gospel (Eerdmans), The Proclamation Bible, and he authored Teaching 1,2,3 John (PT Resources – Christian Focus). His doctoral thesis was titled From the Exile to the Christ: Exile, Restoration and the Theology of Matthew’s Gospel. In his role as Associate Director of International Workshops, he helps in the the design and implementation of the vision of the Trust’s international workshop portfolio and focuses particularly on training instructors for the international Workshops.


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Jeremy Meeks (Staff)

Director of Spanish-Language Initiatives

Jeremy is Pastor of Hope Community Church in West Nashville, Tennessee, which he has pastored since 2011. Previously, he served as a church planting missionary in Nicaragua. He earned a BS from Liberty University, an MA in Bioethics from Trinity Graduate School, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Theological Ethics from Trinity College Bristol. In addition to his pastoral duties at the church, Jeremy has taken on leadership for the Latin America workshops strategies for the Charles Simeon Trust. In this role, he is primarily responsible for working with the Director of International Workshops and the Director of Ministries in the design and implementation of the vision of the Trust’s Latin America workshop portfolio. He is also contributing to the ongoing work of producing our online courses in Spanish and works on other collaborative projects with the team. In the autumn of 2019, Jeremy will be transitioning to become the first Director of the Chicago Course on Preaching.


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Nicolás Osario (Staff)

Associate Director of Spanish-Language Initiatives

Nicolás serves as pastor of Iglesia Bautista Renacer en Bogotá, Colombia. He has a BS in Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute and is currently pursuing an MDiv at The Southern Baptist Seminary. He also serves as the Assistant Director of Spanish-Language Initiatives for The Charles Simeon Trust. Nicholas joined the team in May 2018 and is responsible for assisting Jeremy Meeks in planning and executing Latin America workshop and course initiatives.


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Alexis Pérez Alfonso (Staff)

Cuba Workshops Manager

Alexis is the pastor of Nueva Vida Baptist Church in Havana, Cuba, and the Director of Ministries of Prédica Fiel. Through an organizational partnership, he officially joined the staff of the Charles Simeon Trust in 2016 to oversee our joint efforts with Prédica Fiel. A native of Cienfuegos in Cuba, Alexis became a follower of Jesus Christ while studying medicine. He earned a degree as Doctor of Medicine from the Central University of Las Villas in Cienfuegos, a BTh from Havana Baptist Theological Seminary in Havana, an MTh from Seminario Teológico Bautista in Santa Clara, and completed the Cornhill Training Course in London, England. He is presently working on a DMin in Expository Preaching at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He was cofounder of Prédica Fiel in 2009 and presently serves on its staff and Board. He was also a founding member of the Consejo (council) of La Coalición por el Evangelio. Before Planting Nueva Vida Baptist Church, Alexis served at I Iglesia Bautista La Trinidad in Santa Clara, I Iglesia Bautista “Getsemaní” in Placetas, and Almanderes Baptist Church in Havana. He has also served as Professor of Homiletics at Seminario Teológico Bautista. Alexis is primarily responsible for the joint workshops held by Prédica Fiel and the Charles Simeon Trust in Cuba each year as well as overseeing a residential pastoral training program based in his church in Havana. He is also involved with our wider Latin American strategy as well as working collaboratively with the rest of the team on projects.


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Andrew McAlister (Staff)

Brazil Workshops Manager

Andrew serves as Director of Communications for Igreja Cristã Nova Vida (ICNV), assisting the denomination’s college of bishops and presbytery. He also manages Instituto Bispo Roberto McAlister de Estudos Cristãos (IBRMEC), the denomination’s online seminary. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Portuguese language and literature from Pontifícia Universidade Católica and studied theology at IBRMEC. Andrew and his wife, Livia, are members of ICNV Catedral church, in Rio de Janeiro, where he is part of the worship team and oversees the local bookstore, having previously worked with the church’s youth. Andrew is primarily responsible for working with the Director of International Workshops and the Director of Ministries in the design and implementation of the vision of the Trust’s workshop portfolio in Brazil, hosting the Rio de Janeiro Workshop, and assisting in the production of Portuguese resources.


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Colleen McFadden (Staff)

Director of Women's Workshops

Colleen joined the Charles Simeon Trust in 2007 and currently serves as the Director of Women’s Workshops, where she is responsible for all activities related to the Workshops for women. Prior to working with the Trust, she was in the corporate world world for several years in sales and marketing. Colleen earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the College of Business, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a Master of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. She also serves on the board of Matthias Media Ministries. Colleen and her husband, Kevin, live in the Philadelphia area, where he teaches New Testament at Cairn University. At the Trust, Colleen is primarily responsible for overseeing our women’s initiatives. She manages the vision and coordination of the women’s Workshops on Biblical Exposition, contributes to our online courses, and works on collaborative projects with the team.


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Kristie Anyabwile (Staff)

Associate Director of Women's Workshops

Kristie joined the Charles Simeon Trust in 2017 and serves as the Associate Director of Women’s Workshops. In this role, she helps the Director of Women’s Workshop with all of our ministry related to women. Kristie is a pastor’s wife and mom as well as a Bible teacher and writer. She has bachelor’s degrees from NC State University in History and African American Studies. She joyfully supports her husband of 25 years, Thabiti, as he pastors Anacostia River Church in Washington D.C. She has written contributions to the ESV Women’s Devotional Bible, Word-Filled Women’s Ministry: Loving and Serving the Church, Women on Life, and Hospitality Matters. You can follow her on Twitter at @kanyabwile. At the Trust, Kristie is primarily responsible for working with the Director of Women’s Workshop to oversee our women’s initiatives. They manage the vision and coordination of the women’s Workshops on Biblical Exposition, contribute to the women’s track of the Simeon Course, and work on collaborative projects with the team.


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Sara Kinney (Staff)

Workshop Coordinator (volunteer)

Sara started volunteering her administrative skills to the Charles Simeon Trust in 2012. She came to the Trust from the world of public education, having worked as a junior high and elementary English, history, and physical education teacher for 38 years. She earned both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in education from Illinois State University. She is also one of the most successful girls basketball and volleyball coaches in Illinois history and has served as president of the National High School Athletic Coaches Association (NHSACA). She is an avid reader and enjoys studying the Bible one-to-one with other women. She and her husband, Dr. David E. Kinney, are members of Grace Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Peoria, Illinois. They have two sons: Robert and Joshua. At the Trust, Sara is primarily responsible for receiving workshop registrations and data collection and analysis for the Workshops. She also helps with some event coordinating.


Kevin C. Walker (Staff)

Director of Training

Kevin joined the Charles Simeon Trust as the Director of Training in 2016. A native of western New York, Kevin came to a personal faith at a Youth for Christ event. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the Moody Bible Institute and completed an MDiv at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He has contributed to the Kairos Journal on 1 Timothy 3. During his time in Chicago, he completed three years of the pastoral training program at Holy Trinity Church. After seminary, Kevin served as lecturer in New Testament and Greek at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek, Croatia for three years. He then served as Assistant Preaching Pastor at the International Protestant Church and Principal of Kinshasa Christian School in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo from 2014-2016. He is married to Alyssa (who serves as Director of Advancement Operations at the Charles Simeon Trust). Kevin is primarily responsible for coordinating the logistics and execution of the Online Courses, including maintaining our relationships with all of the past and present students. Kevin is also helping manage a new project in residential training and also works on collaborative projects with the team.


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Paul Butler

Ebenim Media

In high school, Paul’s parents went to the mission field for the first time. He spent two years on the Caribbean island of Bonaire, where he caught a vision for media ministry. Paul graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 1993 and earned his MA in Communications from Northern Illinois University in 2003. Paul served at the Moody Bible Institute for 17 years, both in the radio division and undergraduate school. He founded Ebenim Media, a media production company, and he has handled video post-production for the Charles Simeon Trust since 2004. Paul has also led a small church congregation in Arlington, Illinois, since 2015.


Alyssa Walker (Staff)

Director of Advancement Operations

Alyssa joined the Charles Simeon Trust as the Director of Advancement Operations in 2016. A native of Des Moines, Iowa, Alyssa grew up in a Christian home. She earned a BA from the Moody Bible Institute in Biblical Languages and completed the MA in Biblical Exegesis at Wheaton College. She has contributed to the Kairos Journal and Pleroma. Since doing her graduate work, Alyssa served as a Major Gifts and Grants Officer at the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, as a Lecturer and Director of Development at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek, Croatia, and as an advancement consultant for several churches, ministries, and theological education institutions. She is married to Kevin (who serves as Director of Training at the Charles Simeon Trust). Alyssa is primarily responsible for coordinating the development efforts and helping our Executive Director to raise the operational budget each year. She is also involved with setting our communications strategy and works collaboratively with the rest of the team on projects.


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Kristi Brockway (Staff)

Advancement Operations Assistant

Kristi Brockway is a native of Michigan, but resides with her family on the south side of Chicago. Kristi earned her BBA from Western Michigan University. Prior to taking a break from full-time employment to stay home and raise her children, Kristi worked for various organizations in the non-profit sector. Kristi is a member of Holy Trinity Church, where she serves as both a Deacon and a Community Group Leader alongside her husband, Brock.


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Jim White (Staff)

Financial Administrator

Jim joined the Charles Simeon Trust as Financial Administrator in 2013. He comes from the corporate world, where he has worked as a trainer and business analyst in IT for mortgage banking. Jim earned an MA in Educational Ministries from Wheaton College and an MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. In 1998, Jim moved to the south side of Chicago with his family as a founding member of Holy Trinity Church in Hyde Park. He served as chair of the Missions Committee for ten years, during which time he helped establish the church’s global ministry partnerships. Jim also helped organize and teach Workshops for Biblical Exposition in Nairobi, Kenya. As Financial Administrator, Jim primarily manages the finances and compliance efforts of the Trust, but also collaborates with the rest of the team in accomplishing other projects.


Job Description [pdf, 93kb]


We are privileged to work with the best organizations in the world. Our partners include 9Marks, Matthias Media (resource distribution), the Proclamation Trust, Prédica Fiel, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (online courses), The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (online courses), Ebenim Media (video production), Fish Studios (video production), and Rocket Republic (website and brochure design). We are grateful to each for the many ways they make our work better and more enjoyable.

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