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With the worldwide outbreak of coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), the Charles Simeon Trust has had to make a few changes. After cancelling many of our spring and summer ministry initiatives in 2020, we are now looking forward to the autumn. We hope to offer an expanded schedule of ministry events that, of course, prioritizes safety.

The Chicago Course is returning to in-person instruction, but with new health and safety guidelines in place. The Online Courses remain open to all and special bulk pricing is available. Simply get in touch to take advantage.

For our Workshops, things are a little more complex. Some locations would like to plan for in-person Workshops. As such, we are operating according to these guidelines:

  • We will list a decision date below for each Workshop. On this date, we will determine whether or not to move forward with an in-person Workshop. We highly recommend that, if possible, you don’t make any travel or accommodations arrangements until after the decision date.
  • We will continue to suspend our cancellation policy and offer full refunds (including deposits) for any cancellations made due to the pandemic.
  • We are working with our hosts to stay updated on local regulations regarding meetings size, social-distancing requirements, and face mask requirements, as well as following CDC guidelines for protective measures, gathering, and cleaning.

While we hope to see everyone at in-person Workshops in the coming months of 2020, we know this may not be possible. We will be holding additional new Online Workshops for anyone who cannot make it to an in-person Workshop, anyone in a higher risk category, or anyone who just wants keep training:

Leviticus on September 22-23 with Juan Sanchez and Robert S. Kinney
Isaiah on October 7-8 with David Camera and Brandon Levering
Psalms on October 15-16 with Michael Lawrence and Curtis Cook
Ecclesiastes  on October 20-21 with David Helm and Ryan Bishop
Hebrews on November 11-12 
with Romell Williams, Jr. and Ben Panner
Genesis 1:1-12:9 on November 18-19 with David Helm and James Seward

We’re also launching our first Women’s Online Workshops.
Teaching the Epistles on October 23-24
Teaching the Gospels on November 6-7
Teaching Old Testament History on November 20-21

If you have any questions or other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Currently affected American and Canadian locations include:

Greenville, SC (Women) October 1-3 cancelled
Wichita, KS October 7-9 cancelled
Minneapolis, MN October 13-15 cancelled
Albuquerque, NM October 14-16 cancelled
Alexandria, VA October 14-16 cancelled
Portland, OR October 15-17 cancelled
Austin, TX October 20-22 cancelled
Lincoln, NE October 21-23 cancelled
Upstate New York October 21-23 open September 2
Toronto, ON (Women) October 22-24 cancelled
Gorham, ME October 28-30 cancelled
Tempe, AZ October 28-30 open September 2
Des Moines, IA November 4-6 open September 22
Detroit, MI November 4-6 cancelled
Tacoma, WA November 4-6 open September 2
Youngstown, OH November 11-13 cancelled
Washington DC (Women) November 12-14 cancelled
Charleston, SC January 20-22 open November 20
Nashville, TN (Women) January 21-23 opens Nov 11 November 11
Greenville, SC January 27-29 opens Nov 16 November 16
Jackson, MS February 17-19 opens Dec 30 December 30


Currently affected International locations include:

coming soon…