In addition to our registration policies, we have a set of data collection and privacy policies. We’ve tried to be as simple and clear about these policies as we can, but please do let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

The Charles Simeon Trust collects user data from a variety of sources in order to provide information and training in as helpful of a way as possible for our clients. The information we collect is sourced, stored, and used in the following ways:

We collect only that information provided by clients through online or written forms (generally consisting of name, organizational affiliation, and contact information). We collect data online using secure forms provided by our database, Neon CRM, or housed internally (using SSL security). All information is stored in the database and constituent documents. Neon CRM meets all legally required standards for secure data collection and storage. Payment information is stored on secure servers managed by our gateway and payment processors: Neon CRM and/or

We collect donor information through other means (typically personal interaction) for donors who contribute to the organization through other means. Such information is stored in our database and constituent documents.

We collect minimal contact data or supplemental data from public sources of information either to supplement profiles in our database or for the purpose of marketing events and courses. Supplementary sources include, but are not limited to, and similar public databases. Other sources include, but are not limited to, The Gospel Coalition, 9Marks, and Acts 29.

The Charles Simeon Trust will not distribute/sell/share customer information with outside organizations under any circumstances unless compelled by local, state or federal law. Unless otherwise requested, we will periodically use ‘name,’ ‘organizational affiliation,’ ‘mailing address,’ ’email address,’ and/or ‘phone number’ to promote Workshops on Biblical Exposition (with the assistance of and by sharing such information with our host churches). Unless otherwise requested, we will also periodically use ‘name,’ ‘organizational affiliation,’ ’email address,’ or ‘phone number’ to offer registration for other Workshops, Courses, training events, and our online community. No other information will be distributed/sold/shared.

The Charles Simeon Trust uses SSL certificates issued by InMotion Hosting or Neon CRM or held by our web server, Rocket Republic, to protect transactions for purchases, registrations, and donations. All credit card, debit, eCheck and EFT transactions are also processed through and protected by the gateway or through PayPal. Please see their websites for additional security parameters.

Within the Charles Simeon Trust, only select employees who have been trained and verified will have access to our database and contact information. Generally, this is fewer than 10 people. These employees also make disclosures concerning privacy during our annual audit process in order to make sure our privacy and data protection policies are in line with Federal and State laws (in Illinois). We are confident in our legal compliance and the integrity of our employees. Beyond these employees, only two of our Board members and our auditor have access to our database, and then usually only through one of the employees.

Disclosures of certain information are made to the Federal governments of the United States and Canada, and the State or Provincial governments of Illinois and Alberta in compliance to legal requirements for annual filings of tax information. Only that information which is legally required is disclosed. Internally, only those employees designated to process this information, our auditor, and our legal counsel have access to such information.

Client rights vary by country of origin. We will make any data we have collected on a person available to that person should they make a written request and provide a reasonable verification of identity. Likewise, we will expunge this information from our database and constituent records when provided a written request and reasonable verification of identity. For EU residents, your rights are explained by the EU GDRP and the Charles Simeon Trust will do its best to be compliant.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.